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Hello, hello everyone, hello. This is the first movie I've ever created, so please don't make a big deal out of my mistakes. Also, this is the cringiest piece of poop ever and I’m so sorry D: This took me over 3 weeks to make with over 1,800 screenshots. Plz appreciate, thx so much
P.S - some of the scenes may remind u of something idk, probs Boys Over Flowers, 10% of the movie is inspired by the K-Drama so thx
And yes, I'll be making a part 2 soon. It's not going to be over 25 minutes bc there aren't many ideas left to do so yeh hope you understando . . .
Plus, I don't want to turn this into a series
~ Made by qiirae
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qiirae Vor Monat
It is better if you watch the movie first as the comment section is filled with spoilers. ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ - 29:43 MOVE ASIDE** Omg why is it such a big dealllll? It's a SMALL MISTAKE, GEZ!! - OMGOMG THANKYOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO S MUCH FOR 1M VIEWS WHAT THE HECKKKK AND TYSM FOR 30K SUBSCRIBERSSSSSS 😱😱😭💜💜💜💜 06/10/2018 - Edit - btw follow my instagram @qiirae sksks thanks (○゚ε゚○) instagram.com/qiirae?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=hgkv78vyqc7u
Arrow wishs
Arrow wishs Vor 7 Stunden
qiirae { ^ _._ ^ }
Unnoticed Wolf
Unnoticed Wolf Vor 8 Stunden
Is his name pronounced X no or x en o?
QueenPupPlayz MSP
QueenPupPlayz MSP Vor Tag
Um, exqueeze you but she was going to DROWN and DIE isn't that a big deal??
AEsTHETIcALLγ ᴘᴇᴀᴄʜʏ
AEsTHETIcALLγ ᴘᴇᴀᴄʜʏ Vor Tag
I barely noticed that you typed movie :o
Bendy The Ink Demon
Bendy The Ink Demon Vor 2 Tage
Everyone *MOVIE* aside
sweetsuze116 Vor 50 Minuten
Tale Xawaii copied you!!!
Neymar Jr
Neymar Jr Vor 58 Minuten
I'm wearing glasses but that doesn't mean I'm a nerd, tho. I'm wearing glasses because my eyes were dim😒 huhuhu... I'm regreted playing phone for non-stop😭
sweetsuze116 Vor Stunde
Ily qiirae
Aurélie CADRESSEN Vor 2 Stunden
and Timothy ?
Fox Trot
Fox Trot Vor 4 Stunden
One quick thing- Thank you doesn't have a hyphen between it.
Treasure Keller
Treasure Keller Vor 5 Stunden
i was kinda sad at the end then the outro music comes on and im like ayye
RoseSonal100:Arts and Crafts🌹🥀🎨💝
RoseSonal100:Arts and Crafts🌹🥀🎨💝 Vor 7 Stunden
My phychiatrist's name is Timmothy!
Mariah Rivadeneyra
Mariah Rivadeneyra Vor 7 Stunden
27:16 IS THAT A RAT OR A MOUSE!?!?!?! 0_0
ZackAndBlue GachaVerse
ZackAndBlue GachaVerse Vor 7 Stunden
Make a part 2 please!! I loved it!(⌒▽⌒)
Mustache Monkey
Mustache Monkey Vor 8 Stunden
*When he says do my homework and she says no* I forget his name already XP: Wow, so stupid Me if I was Donnie: You just called me a nerd T^T I am confusion Him: Uh, hm, N-, nevermind
Paige Janney
Paige Janney Vor 9 Stunden
This is really good! This is one of the first ones I actually liked!
Hurija Kuljancic
Hurija Kuljancic Vor 9 Stunden
youtube's console
youtube's console Vor 10 Stunden
Princess Gaming
Princess Gaming Vor 11 Stunden
27:45 Ayyyy!!! We got gold diggers in the house!!!!!! Let the crying onions chase them away!!!!! >:3
Icy Sky Dreamer
Icy Sky Dreamer Vor 9 Stunden
Princess Gaming 😂
Not my real channel It's super pinky power girl
Not my real channel It's super pinky power girl Vor 11 Stunden
In the fist few minutes of the vid the dad did a title name drop
Pretty Ryūketsu
Pretty Ryūketsu Vor 11 Stunden
This was awesome! It is so rare to find someone who makes a gacha movie with quality like this
Veronica Hinostroza
Veronica Hinostroza Vor 11 Stunden
Why is his address is xxxxxxxxxxx
BTS gril
BTS gril Vor 12 Stunden
23:00 My name is Mariam too and spelled the same
Alexander Taylor
Alexander Taylor Vor 14 Stunden
Rainbwoah Cries
Rainbwoah Cries Vor 15 Stunden
Okay I’m just trynna help but that’s not how C-P-R is done. It’s done by pushing hard done someone’s chest 30 times and hurry up and breathe in there mouth and the mouths are not touching.
Nightmear Wolf
Nightmear Wolf Vor 17 Stunden
But Timothy's mom..just a tad bit creepy 😂😂
Tiffany Miranda
Tiffany Miranda Vor 17 Stunden
The song at the end tho
Bxsically My Lifex
Bxsically My Lifex Vor 18 Stunden
Did anyone notice she put DA WAE
Isabelle Hatef
Isabelle Hatef Vor 18 Stunden
7:44 why does he have a target poster 😂😂😂😂
Kitty Girl
Kitty Girl Vor 21 Stunde
I am new and I subscribed I love your video s HOW DO YOU EDIT THEM there so good
Your Unicorn Has arived
Your Unicorn Has arived Vor 23 Stunden
Was Timothy mom chopping a rat
CrazyCoolKidz Vor 23 Stunden
I'VE WATCHED THIS LIKE FIVE TIMES AND I'LL WATCH IT FIVE MORE! I LOVE THIS PLEASE MAKE A PART 2!! I'm only allowed to subscribe to 5 channels (what my parents say) and you know what, you're one of them!
Ana Manalange
Ana Manalange Vor Tag
Omg ur editing is so duper good! Guys lets give her a million subbbbb!!!!!
Katelyn McInnes
Katelyn McInnes Vor Tag
Funny and cool
Jaylen Rabago
Jaylen Rabago Vor Tag
Part two PLEASE. I love this vid!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
its_Melody and_Alex
its_Melody and_Alex Vor Tag
30:18 Perfect Couple👫💜 💙❤❤
Sasha Holcomb Pesek
Sasha Holcomb Pesek Vor Tag
Aw cute
false advertisement
false advertisement Vor Tag
Jeez A LOT of people copied you, with the thumbnail, the title, EVERYTHING. I've already watched 4 videos posted after this one that are the EXACT SAME!! But the thing that gets me mad is that they don't even credit the person who inspired them.
LPS Foxy Ja kolmik kassid
LPS Foxy Ja kolmik kassid Vor Tag
What song tid you use at the end?
ryubee Vor Tag
imagine almost drowning your dream celebrity
Ellen Dean
Ellen Dean Vor Tag
At 6:30 the lady talking transfers to one ear and then the other and I'm not wearing headphones does it happen to you
iiTeals Vor Tag
29:09 I LOVE THAT SONG!! I heard it from a Korean show called Boys over the flowers xD
Swirl Sydz
Swirl Sydz Vor Tag
I ship Dannie a that black hair dude
XôxLJ 09
XôxLJ 09 Vor Tag
This is an amazing gacha movie! Best one I’ve ever seen
Little Gamer
Little Gamer Vor Tag
We have a love triangle~~~
its maryori
its maryori Vor Tag
H Hi H Please like this took an hour to make
hi its me a human
hi its me a human Vor Tag
The game of art
The game of art Vor Tag
"That's the girl who tried to steal Penelope's boyfriend,what a nerd" me:ya fuck you to
Solomon Vor Tag
Ohhh that phone editing was awesome. Never saw someone do that before.
Greed Merlin
Greed Merlin Vor Tag
This reminds me of Boys over flowers tf
DrawingwithNoah! !
DrawingwithNoah! ! Vor Tag
2,000,000 something views o only if they would subscribe
Rubi Leon
Rubi Leon Vor Tag
Sushi Cat
Sushi Cat Vor Tag
so if I go to high school and I have glasses I'll be called nerd? I'll slap em in the face :3
Alyxa Marie Milano
Alyxa Marie Milano Vor Tag
OMG so good love your vids
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