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John Oliver discusses the disturbing policy that separated migrant families detained at our southern border, and the disturbingly real chance that it could happen again.
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Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro Vor 37 Minuten
Un-fucking-acceptable. Trump is a criminal who deserves to be locked up for life, whatever is left of it.
aperturegamerSAC Vor Stunde
Boutta cry in the club
Joshua Sweetvale
Joshua Sweetvale Vor 2 Stunden
Welp, America's just half a step from death camps now. Geneva-spitting baby detainment is about as cruel as you can get without getting violent.
Jack Looo
Jack Looo Vor 2 Stunden
What the fuck, my parents were taken away when I was 13 bc of a mis-filed visa. I was lucky to have family to support me. God where you at we need some intervention here, I can't stop thinking about it
SilentToe Vor 3 Stunden
Hasn't this separation of families been going on for longer than 10 years? That is what i heard atleast. And if so, why was it no problem under Obama?
Robert Sommers
Robert Sommers Vor 2 Stunden
SilentToe Because it wasn’t the same? Literally a clip of Trump talking about how the old system worked albeit with him fear mongering it. They were processed and released awaiting trial.
Anthony Vor 4 Stunden
THANK YOU. finally. so sick of seeing feminist nonsense all over the media - this is the stuff that really really matters right now.
David Rogers
David Rogers Vor 4 Stunden
Two words. WOMP WOMP.
Darth Borehd
Darth Borehd Vor 4 Stunden
It's Vincent Adultman!
Worm Hole
Worm Hole Vor 5 Stunden
This is why we need the wall.
Lets PlayTV
Lets PlayTV Vor 6 Stunden
Republican: Mexico is a shithole. Liberal: That's offensive, it's a great country! Republican: Okay, so people are safe there. Liberal: We can't make people wait weeks there, they are persecuted asylum seekers! ... Get that straight pls. Either Mexico is fine to stay in for a while or it's a shithole everyone needs to leave immedeately. Hint - A shithole is a shithole because of the people living there.
Thomas Lindegaard Jensen
Thomas Lindegaard Jensen Vor 6 Stunden
Fuck yeah, John! These asshats are going down. But the cost is great and tragic.
doktagc LOWA
doktagc LOWA Vor 7 Stunden
also happened in austria/europe...unbelievable...the whole world´s getting facist...
Guggen Vor 8 Stunden
To be clear : I completely oppose the concept of family seperation. However, the video with the little kid is not a valid argument. We as a people may find this clip sad because of the things tis kid said to his mother. But if you change the context the whole story changes. For instance : try telling a kid they can't join a friend to go to disneyworld. You might get the exact same reaction. I'm just trying to say that this clip (however sad it may be and it is) is no proof of psychological damage.
xyz Vor 8 Stunden
u know exactly taht 99% + of them dont are real asylum people - they are just looking for a better life... whats absolutly ok... but its also absolutly ok if usa citizens dont wanna pay that.. i am also looking for a better life and to have a house like john oliver - and john? when u will show me my rooms ? ;) oh never.. surprise surprise... sry bout my english - i m from EU and i dont ever been to US.. but i quite sure u understand - eaven when its no perfect english ;) and PS: dont act like a 12 year old oliver. u know exactly what all this is about.. u are to clever to dont understand the problem with all this... and PPS: like i told u - i am from EU - my english is quite ok and i have over 100 000 dollar on my bank account. i would like to move to USA :) but guess what - i am not allowed ;) check u r migration laws ;) it would no problem to let one in like me.. cause i have money and i dont make any problems.. profit for USA. but USA migration law says - eaven I am not much enough profit ;) sad - in my case wrong i think but i accept it - ITS YOUR country and YOU make the rules.. world and people are egostic - and thats OK! but be fucking true! why u allways try to play the super nice guy!??? u arent john? you would never sahre your house with me so why u fuxx think its the most normal thing in the world your naigbours HAVE to share THEIR country?
Thilo Manten
Thilo Manten Vor 9 Stunden
In a country where someone can successfully sue millions of compensation from a big corporation over a spillt hot coffee, how much damage should an illegaly seperated family, which caused so much trauma to the child, be awarded? The standing of the US has become rock-bottom.
Thilo Manten
Thilo Manten Vor 9 Stunden
"The greatest country in the world" until they heard about Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, etc., etc., etc.
Amnesia Iforget
Amnesia Iforget Vor 14 Stunden
Kids here are forced into family separation. It's normal in our society. Look up divorced. Look up abandoned children. Worry about your front yard before slinging mud about stuff in your neighbors yard. The reality is, is that life is being cruel and titty babies like the man in this show never experienced it. Quite whining about not your life and mind your business. They will survive just like me. Bunch of cry babies.
Henry Williams
Henry Williams Vor 16 Stunden
Coming from an American...this is a disgrace. We don't deserve to be called the greatest country in the world. We're not. No nation that forcefully traumatizes children is eligible for that title. And I hate it. Because the thing is....there are so many good people in this country who accept people no matter their race, sexuality, gender identity, or birthplace. There are so many amazing people who work to build a better future for this country...and the administration we get ends up being...THIS. I'm an optimist at heart. I can't believe that this is it. Things are going to change. But the thing is...we have to MAKE them change. Because until then...THIS is what America stands for
Jean Akol
Jean Akol Vor 17 Stunden
As a parent, the footage of the young boy ripped my heart....!
Greg Palmer
Greg Palmer Vor 17 Stunden
Obama did the same thing.
Don Wells
Don Wells Vor 18 Stunden
there is not a mug big enough to hold all these leftist tears in this comment section
MechanicPluto24 Vor 18 Stunden
Just when my faith in humanity even had a remote chance of being restored. Good job, Trump, making America "great" again.
007kingifrit Vor 17 Stunden
actually the 2016 court ruling by the 9th district court of appeals ruled that children and parents ca't be kept together, nothing to do with trump
John Paulsen
John Paulsen Vor 18 Stunden
3.6k downvotes? lot of racists. that's unfortunate
007kingifrit Vor 17 Stunden
considering that illegal immigration lowers wages and raises rent prices the working class doesn't want them here, that's understandable
James Medina
James Medina Vor 19 Stunden
Man how am I suppose to clock back in with tears rolling down my face
007kingifrit Vor 15 Stunden
well i would start by realizing this is cherry picked to make it look worse than it is, then i would suggest reminding yourself that if we DON'T do this the wages of american workers will go down
Snuffy Smif
Snuffy Smif Vor 20 Stunden
Going forward, we must NEVER AGAIN allow Russia, nor anyone, to take us from the likes of Obama, to THIS BUFFOON!!
Der Dave
Der Dave Vor 20 Stunden
I really like, that john doesn't give in to the applause and that they cut before the audience is clapping. This way, LWT is really different from all that major TV talk shows
Der Dave
Der Dave Vor 11 Stunden
007kingifrit I'm really happy you commented. That means that you watched this video and are hopefully thinking about what was being said however your political background may look like.
007kingifrit Vor 15 Stunden
different? it has the same talking points; the same arguments, the same jokes its just propaganda like the rest of them
llepsnaci1 Vor 21 Stunde
damn 13:00 is a pretty chilling clip
Rames Garcia
Rames Garcia Vor 21 Stunde
Fuuuuuuuckkk the feeeeeeeeeelllllllssssss
excalibur Vor 22 Stunden
To all the fucked up Indians who support Trump- y'all need help...
FunkBungus Vor 22 Stunden
It's amazing to me that all these vial sacks of shit look like vial sacks of shit, it must be something you have to do to your soul that turns you into a leathery piece of apricot shit. God damnit why is this even what our country is doing right now? What the fuck is wrong with us as a country?
Jean-Pierre Rupp
Jean-Pierre Rupp Vor 22 Stunden
Wow, I have never heard John's get so emotional tone until after he showed that video. Why the cruelty America? Aren't we all supposed to be moving past that already?
Darth Dingus
Darth Dingus Vor 23 Stunden
This shit has been going on for fuckin years..YEARS! NOW you libtards are making a fuss about it? WOW, anything for woke twitter points huh? You sure had no problem with it during the last 10+ years! The real family seperation you should be up in arms about is in the black community, and the mass imprisonment of AMERICANS.
Pi Barrante
Pi Barrante Vor Tag
The FACTS and HISTORY of this policy - Trump did not make this law. He chose to enforce immigration laws. Here is the history of the policy - which is NOT NEW. Trump released 100,000 immigrants - including 37,000 minors when he first took office from Obama. The families being deported can take their kids back with them. Its THEIR decision. Read this.....
Pi Barrante
Pi Barrante Vor Tag
We need to enforce our laws or change them.
Des Brown
Des Brown Vor Tag
Sounds like that little kid wanted to go back. They must have treated him well. And fuck you liberals.
Ryan Wolf
Ryan Wolf Vor Tag
Republicans argue the caravan is bringing in “sex traffickers” as if these kids aren’t being separated from their parents for purposes of sex trafficking, by the church, by the republicans themselves.
Heather Rowe
Heather Rowe Vor Tag
This is Genocide.
007kingifrit Vor 17 Stunden
this is the dumbest comment out of all the comments
UltimateAnimeGamer Vor Tag
Can I do anything about this? I vote but that only does so much. How do I help more?
AA610 Vor 2 Stunden
"family separation is the law" So were the Nuremberg Laws. So was Japanese internment. Being law doesn't automatically mean it's okay.
007kingifrit Vor 15 Stunden
you can start by realizing that this is propaganda and not true; it doesn't cover both sides of the argument fairly family separation is the law, as laid out by the 9th district court of appeals 2016 ruling, no politician put this law intoe ffecdt
TcarebearT Vor Tag
i feel like someone told that kid that his mother doesn't love him and that she wont be his mother anymore
007kingifrit Vor 15 Stunden
i feel like his mother is trying to steal american money and taxpayer resources instead of living in her own country
Over Toasted
Over Toasted Vor Tag
The caravan isn't coming "illegally" though, right? So I'm not sure where Trump got the idea that they are, I'm sure there is no way to no for sure. Fucking racist turd.
mf5435t Vor Tag
-Funny fact: "Americans" are also immigrants (from Europe) from 16th century. Don't forget about it.
007kingifrit Vor 15 Stunden
who cares? our past does not define us, we don't want any more immigrants
Ragnald Maxwell
Ragnald Maxwell Vor Tag
Trump is right it is an invasion. Hitler sent spies into other countries to find people who could be sympathetic tot the cause. Also give him places where the military bases were and other important information. An invasion either done by a military or just by people is still an invasion.
Ragnald Maxwell
Ragnald Maxwell Vor Tag
How about doing something about how companies are using overseas phone help, but some do not really understand English.
linux750 Vor Tag
brennenderopa Vor Tag
This makes me so sad. It wont change, like, ever.
Pi Barrante
Pi Barrante Vor Tag
we need hot shots in california - badly. Perhaps we should go to the border - and offer citizenship to anyone who can speak english and wants to be a hot shot - sign a contract for work for the next 10 years - and grant citizenship in exchange. its a win win. (in a dangerous job such as fire fighting - english needs to be spoken ) There are other careers that have desparate shortages - hot shots are one. ANYONE WANT TO BE A HOTSHOT and CAN SPEAK ENGLISH?? - they should be offered citizenship and admitted promptly.
Shine baby shine
Shine baby shine Vor Tag
Why did this happen? Because Americans are allowing psychopaths and sociopaths to lead their country. Decent Americans, we must STAND UP to this bullshit now
007kingifrit Vor 13 Stunden
actually it was a 9th district court of appeals decision from 2016 because kids were being raped
Aleksandar Petkovic
Aleksandar Petkovic Vor Tag
I really hope that law changes for immigrants
007kingifrit Vor 13 Stunden
why? they aren't supposed to be here and they lower wages for americans
Nick G
Nick G Vor Tag
Watching that little kid was heart-breaking! It is horrifically inhuman!
ishan shrestha
ishan shrestha Vor Tag
So is america turning into what germany was under hitler.
AA610 Vor 2 Stunden
He's the special kind of stupid that claims hating people because of their national origin isn't racist (direct quote: "white people are more likely to have the values that we want as a nation, thus brown people are less likely to have the values we want as a nation....but its not BECAUSE they are brown. its because of their culture").
ishan shrestha
ishan shrestha Vor 13 Stunden
+007kingifrit so its different cause Germany threw out the jews livings in germany and america is trying to keep out the people seeking help?? and what about all the hate for immigrants and racism against mexicans whats that??. And the charlottesville rally was a parade i guess huh 😑😑 kindly keep your stupid views to urself.
007kingifrit Vor 13 Stunden
+ishan shrestha so in other words its literally the opposite of nazi germany, now retract your stupid statement there are no white supremacist rallies, that's slander
ishan shrestha
ishan shrestha Vor 13 Stunden
+007kingifrit no but there were being chased out of germany. And the migrants are seeking asylum nobodys trying to break into america. And all the white supremacist rallies, thats how hitler started his reign on germany.
007kingifrit Vor 13 Stunden
......were jews trying to break INTO germany?
mike oren
mike oren Vor Tag
I thought we shoved most of these British snobs out eons ago with bayonets up their asses. Evidently we missed this obnoxious prick. You would be of use yammering in Britain. You could help with the Brexit with your pompous yap flapping across the pond. Stay where you belong if you don't want your kids in US custody. They complain about being separated from your kids. Your kids are your responsibility, you dump them on US we'll do as we please. You don't like it? Take a hike. Pay for your own Big Macs.
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