Vor Monat

The time has finally come! Check out the season finale of Jeep Wrangler Celebrity Customs to see the customizers' finished products and find out who took home the coveted Golden Grille. Head to to view the full episode.

For more than 75 years, the Jeep name has been indelibly associated with freedom, authenticity, adventure and passion. These are vehicles for “ dreamers and doers” - forging extraordinary, uncommon bonds between themselves and their owners, because adventure is found in every Jeep vehicle’s DNA. The Jeep badge stands for more than a brand. In truth, it’s a badge of honor.

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BiPolarBear 19
BiPolarBear 19 Vor 6 Tage
can u say mall crawler
Liam Coleman
Liam Coleman Vor 11 Tage
Also west coast customs is a joke.
Liam Coleman
Liam Coleman Vor 11 Tage
The heck. Theres a serious lack of car people and jeep people in these types of competitions. What a BAD marketing idea this was jeep! They were all pathetic and cringe worthy. Let real jeep people do these types of things.
Alexis Jimenez
Alexis Jimenez Vor 17 Tage
.pd 8h1w×¥8|¤♤¡
Drew Voss
Drew Voss Vor 20 Tage
MOPAR or JEEP...I need your help. The 2018 Jeep JL has a serious steering issue that’s not being acknowledged by MOPAR publicly. In addition the MOPAR 2” lift does not correct caster. I called customer service over a month ago and was told that someone would review my case and call me. The communication from MOPAR on these serious issues is troublesome. If someone from MOPAR really wants to help me figure this out my CASE NUMBER is 35230225. My vehicle is a 2018 JEEP Wrangler JLU Sahara. Last 8 of my VIN is JW249499
bluesteel6138 Vor 22 Tage
Go Stefano that's so awesome..good for you brother
Mike Vor 24 Tage
Alex's was the worst cliche Mall Crawler you could imagine. What a hot mess.
Jack Danforth
Jack Danforth Vor Monat
Lol her Jeep was the worst one
Game Game Castro
Game Game Castro Vor Monat
That's crazy I said I would prefer my Jeep color to be turquoise before they even rolled out all the Jeeps to judge them
satya das
satya das Vor Monat
mahindra give them the roxor to customize man
Apple/Android hacker
Apple/Android hacker Vor Monat
A 2 door would win over a 4 door any day
Prank ster
Prank ster Vor Monat
Cant beat wcc
Mr.IansteinIsland Vor Monat
I want 1 hr shows please.... would be nice to see the transformations take form
Mr.IansteinIsland Vor Monat
DCD killed it!
Jeep Vor Monat
You've got that right.
American Jeeper
American Jeeper Vor Monat
ARod ruined that Jeep. Maria’s was the best by far. Her shop seemed to be the only one that understands the Jeep Wrangler.
Toby Newell
Toby Newell Vor Monat
Right on
Manuel estepan
Manuel estepan Vor Monat
Yo that’s the biggest bullshit ever no body will stop for Maria Jeep west cost custome did a better job hand down
Caio Caldas
Caio Caldas Vor Monat
Could Iveco have involvement with Jeep products ?
Swat Kats
Swat Kats Vor Monat
She won alright. Nice lookin jeep
v pal
v pal Vor Monat
Can they give me a free Jeep like, make a wish except I’m not sick I’m just broke
Toby Newell
Toby Newell Vor Monat
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Vor Monat
When I customized my Jeep back in 1994...
todd smith
todd smith Vor Monat
Not sure why Jeep wasted their time with this because they could be highlighting actual Jeep channels of people who build their own Jeeps.
Ashish Lashkari
Ashish Lashkari Vor Monat
May be from the ladies point DCD Customs job looks good but from my point of view it's the West Coast Customs that made the impact. Upon reveal the first two cars looked good but the moment we saw the last one my lips turned to big O. The amount of customisation is unbeatable.
Nhut Truong
Nhut Truong Vor Monat
Yes west coast did a lot but the problem is what they this to the jeep is useless.
Scott Seanor
Scott Seanor Vor Monat
Nice mall crawlers that will never leave pavement... this show had a potential to be interesting and compelling, but missed the mark...
Todd Dustin
Todd Dustin Vor Monat
So apparently in this "contest" they are not going to actually show off the jeeps?
Chris Foran
Chris Foran Vor 7 Tage
Z Dustin tuuu
throtl Vor Monat
Love these vids...what's up Jalen!?! #JeepLife ...we're about to add OUR FIRST JEEP BUILD to the channel 🤘What an iconic brand.
Barb Prater
Barb Prater Vor Monat
Matthew Yarek
Matthew Yarek Vor Monat
west coast killed it. but marias jeep has more class.
throtl Vor Monat
check out what we're about to do ;)
Raul Andujar
Raul Andujar Vor Monat
Maria's jeep was amazing. I have a black 2 door rubicon from 2013 that I love but the color choice, half doors, and wheels are making me want to make more modifications to mine.
Rubicon Unlimited
Rubicon Unlimited Vor Monat
Heck ya! Maria's is awesome. Kept it jeep!
اكرم ابو المجد
اكرم ابو المجد Vor Monat
متابعكم من مصر
Thomas Bristow
Thomas Bristow Vor Monat
Way to push my buttons and making me cringe FCA. Nobody cares about time frames in completing a build. Nobody strips a new vehicle and repaints it for no good reason. No Jeeper puts on 26 inch wheels or big tires without any compensating gear ratios. How about Dana 60s, Dynatrac portal axles, front and rear winches, on board air compressor, carbon fiber Air Maggiolina roof top tent or JK Habitat? How about split removable rear seats and putting in a National Luna or Engel fridge freezer? Looking forward to the forthcoming 3.0 diesel.
Everythingtech Vor Monat
Jeep needs to pick random Jeep fans from social media to give them this opportunity to modify their jeeps
Sean Taylor
Sean Taylor Vor Monat
Why was that ice cream truck even in the contests
Carlos Vazquez
Carlos Vazquez Vor 19 Tage
Sean Taylor H
Patrick Dugan
Patrick Dugan Vor Monat
Maria's is by far the best. Nobody needs ice cream in their Jeep, and A-Rod's is horrible...doesn't even look like a Jeep anymore.
Thomas Emilio
Thomas Emilio Vor Monat
Can’t wait to get rid of my Jeep 👌
The whole thing is pretty weak only being that the "celebrities" did nothing on their own therefore get zero credit. The winner was obvious however and pretty sweet. The black Jeep died a horrible embarrassing death. There was no real competition for the winning Jeep. Thanks for the entertainment. Focus more on the fab shops because they are the only ones who did anything.
Orlando Mercado
Orlando Mercado Vor Monat
Custom competition how arod didn't sweep em
Toby Newell
Toby Newell Vor Monat
Because all he did was buy a cheap SE and bolt on a bunch of USELESS scrap metal, no REAL, PRACTICAL customization.
gooz0mbie Vor Monat
Orlando Mercado cause it was ugly af
Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan Vor Monat
The Genright aluminum bumpers and fender mods on Maria's Jeep were fantastic. Her JL was right up there with Jeep's concepts rigs.
Mitch Miller
Mitch Miller Vor Monat
Marias jeep was the clear winner and it was a 2 door which is already better than 4 doors, that ice cream jeep was weak af, and Arods jeep was an abomination....stop messing with the grill of the wrangler! And what was with those appalling wheels??? Its supposed to go off road!
Jack Danforth
Jack Danforth Vor Monat
Mitch Miller her Jeep was ass
Erik Datadeen
Erik Datadeen Vor Monat
Everything this man said is 100% true. Nice job Maria
TheAverageJo1 Vor Monat
I would have taken ARod’s but the customization on Maria’s Jeep deserved the win
Hunger Games
Hunger Games Vor Monat
Hey, a Jeep video
Amazing custom for rodriguez just amazing
Mike Vor 24 Tage
Alex's was a total Mall Crawler joke. Every bad cliche wrapped up in one tacky build.
Toby Newell
Toby Newell Vor Monat
Yeah it also amazes me how someone would want to disgrace a jeep like that.
throtl Vor Monat
ridiculous haha