Tra La
Tra La Vor 9 Monate
Can you do a video of Wendy's career advice and how she hustles??
layloo dallas
layloo dallas Vor 11 Monate
Hello DILLON, I realise that when the show starts and the doors open, wendy salute and make a 1 second run then present the show and the co-host and try another 1sec run towards the purple chair EVERYTIME, maybe you can do a compilation ;)
love4myclarks7 Vor year
@Dillon !!!! HYD!!?? :D Ya know, You were the first person I thought of when I had heard of Aunty Wendy's lil faintation the other day (especially when I started youtubing all the on air TV Faints of 2017) lol When I was sick in the hospital she helped me get my Chutzpah back with that Jersey accent and those Wendy ways lol so It's good to hear and see she's doing better. I've always liked her show, but watching your videos have me appreciating them and their quirkiness even the more! lol Your clever editing always has my laughing and binge watching lol Thanks for all your hard work - dedicated to a hard working legend! lol Hope all is well! :D Forever a Dillon fan! and friend in my head lol
Paul Richards
Paul Richards Vor year
Love all your videos. Have you been to the show?
I'm Always Right
I'm Always Right Vor year
Dillon - I've been binging on your videos. You are the best. Exceptional work
Dillon Vor year
hahaha i know, i see you all up in my notifications :) thank you so much, i'm so glad you're having fun with them!
Tianaism Vor 2 years
Thank you for uploading these videos!! :) Am obsessed with them! Keeping me going while Wendy's on vacation!
Maria Maria
Maria Maria Vor 2 years
Dillion, thank you so much for all these uploads honestly!!!!!! Keep goin!
David Sommers
David Sommers Vor 2 years
Man you are awesome!... please please please keep on uploading more videos in the future. You make youtube so enjoyable. thumbs up! Also save these videos very carefully. this is gold! BTW you look darn cute ;)
Enzo Veiga
Enzo Veiga Vor 2 years
I'm just here to say you're my personal hero for uploading all these compilations. Thank you for making our lives sweeter, you lovely, kind, very handsome person!
Mo Mo
Mo Mo Vor year
I came for the same reason & I'm glad I'm not the only civilized WW head to come on here to thank YOU Dillon That "What in the blank" compilation saved another day of my life
Ms K Jones
Ms K Jones Vor 2 years
your head isnt broken. You are a very talented and generous person. Thanks for cutting the Wendy vids down for us. <3 PS, make sure to back these up on another channel.
Venus 42
Venus 42 Vor 2 years
Thanks for uploading all these Ask Wendy compilations.
Dillon Vor 2 years
+Venus 😊 glad you're enjoying them ✌ 💕