Laurie Miller
Laurie Miller Vor 2 years
Love your Diamond mash up... I did something similar for a launch we were doing. Love the track you used... interesting that we used a lot of the same clips... great minds... can't wait to look at the rest of your productions... thank you <3 xiaominglu88.com/id/video-2fM0ED7LNyk.html there's the link to mine.... enjoy!
Jeremy Ebenstein
Jeremy Ebenstein Vor 2 years
Glad that you subscribed Eric.
Crystal Payne
Crystal Payne Vor 2 years
Holy merde! Thank you!
Eric Thigpen
Eric Thigpen Vor 2 years
+Crystal Payne Thanks for subscribing!
MuseMediaUSA Vor 3 years
Hi, Eric! As a writer, performer, director, editor, who loved ONJ growing up, I'm glad I chanced upon your channel. Thank you so much for putting these clips together. Kisses, Cherie
Ginger Dee
Ginger Dee Vor 5 years
Great Edit! I would like to use it as part of a presentation that I'm giving to the young people about Women In Jazz. Is this okay with you?
Greigorboy Vor 7 years
thank you found it love it
Cream Pie
Cream Pie Vor 7 years
<3 awesome stuff!