Tanna Eros
Tanna Eros Vor 6 Monate
I'd never read "The Power of Taste" before, and it helps. I've noticed an odd phenomena, and though I began this whole dirty shibang studying monkeys for work, I found out that I'm studying the humans, instead. I've noticed an odd display of virtue signaling and push button do-gooding. There's a certain stripe of person watching videos featuring monkeys, and I have to remind myself that the whole world is not like that, or else I'd never venture out of the door. Counterbalancing their attempts at virtue, there's the trend of violence, insult, and degradation to their fellow human being, which is counterintuitive to the 'good person' persona they are trying to build. In following the comments, each person types a more histrionic comment than the one before, and, in the case of Cambodian photographers, demands more to be done and more extravagantly than the commenter before, (thus the idea of 'push button do gooding", there's never any risk on the commenter's part. it's like a constant upping the virtue factor, a contest to see who is the most 'good'. If a suggestion is taken towards action with a monkey, and the Cambodian VO does what is commanded of him, as if he were a slave, and the result is not up to par to the demanded wish, vitriol is heaped upon that poor soul who did the bidding of the commenter. His name and the names of his family are dragged through the mud. He is a human being. They speak to those poor men like they have no feelings, nor souls. It's funny that sometimes the most sticky sweet avatar and persona hides the vile would-be torturer, if the person were given the means. Morality is what we do when no one is watching, and here we are, made up names, posting anonymously on the net- it makes me wonder about these creatures who profess love so much to primates, and yet despises their cousin, the human being so much. The sweeter the words and the more the pity concern over a monkey, the more vile and sadistic the words towards a fellow human. Are you seeing this, too? Next time I see a kindly looking old woman perusing a pack of googly eyes at the art store, in my mind, I know I'm probably looking at an international criminal mastermind bent of killing a majority of the human race.
Tassilo 3
Tassilo 3 Vor 6 Monate
Tanna Eros: Thanks for your thought-provoking comment. I wish there will be no hate speech , allegations and personal attacks in comments. I think allegations are the most harmful. They are oft captiously worded to manipulate viewers. All regimes use them to fight against dissidents. The author of ' The Power of Taste' experienced communism.
XxX Vor 8 Monate
Do you think Allen Me channel is removed? I cannot search for her videos anymore
Tassilo 3
Tassilo 3 Vor 8 Monate
Natika Changprasert: I have no idea. According to viwers' comments this channel got removed due to inappropriate content. There are many comments on the topic below the clip " Followup to " A juvenile macaque in captivity.....