Pink Fluffy Unicorn
Pink Fluffy Unicorn Vor Monat
Hello qiirae, if you noticed your new video. (Celebrity in Disquise.) Is a big hit! I just loved that, and it’s unbelievable how you got one million views in only one week! I want to see more videos like that, I usually won’t do this. Especially when it’s only a video, that I’ll do this.. Subscribed and liked your recent video. Also, I thought it was so clever that all of the bullies loved Dannie Yui, but they bullied her anyway. I thought it was a little stupid how they couldn’t recognize her, I mean her names Donnie, she looks like the celebrity a little. (I don’t really know what I’m saying, no hate.) Sorry, just one more comment, I can read too fast. I’m to lazy to go all the way back to the time. But at the end did Timothy cheat on her? Like only liked her because he knew she was Dannie?! It would mean a lot if you replied to me, Thanks! :) <3
loveheartsylveon Vor Monat
GamerKwamz Vor Monat
can I be in series? I subbed!
ten's tap shoes
ten's tap shoes Vor Monat
Helo Jeliko
Helo Jeliko Vor Monat
yo whats up???
Crazy Gacha
Crazy Gacha Vor Monat
yO itS TeSsA BrOoKs, tHe ComPiTiToN Sh00k AnD I sMeLl gOoD
Prisicillia MSP
Prisicillia MSP Vor 3 Monate
qiirae Vor 2 Monate