The Living Free Family
The Living Free Family Vor 2 Monate
:) xx
Jessen Mitchelmore
Jessen Mitchelmore Vor 11 Monate
when do you reckon that you will update on your tiny home?
Katriina Kivinen
Katriina Kivinen Vor 11 Monate
I have been watching your videos and they make it really easy to start dreaming of building new homes! I actually also made a tiny home and I have a lot of projects here in Finland too! We are making tiny houses a movement here, but with the challenges of a really intense winter season. I would be super interested in winter houses, if you find some. Love your channel!
Una Patton
Una Patton Vor 11 Monate
I love, love, love how you acknowlegde every house and their builders/ owners at the end of every video.
Green Kitty
Green Kitty Vor 11 Monate
I found your channel not too long ago and wonder how your own tiny house build is going. Is it complete yet? I really enjoy watching your videos, what a great introduction to different ways of living. Thanks for making the videos : )
Cléodie Bleu
Cléodie Bleu Vor 11 Monate
hello I please you to put a lot of fotos on www.pexels.com/search/tiny%20house%20on%20weels/ because i want to make conférences on tiny houses. And I need beautifull pictures ! kisses from Switzerland
Paso Sustentable - Tiny House Chile
Paso Sustentable - Tiny House Chile Vor year
Check the channel of my sustainable project in Chile xiaominglu88.com/women/UC8QlwN0ak6qIaGLZMJ3cXeA
Japanese guy
Japanese guy Vor year
useful information!
Mikel Sims
Mikel Sims Vor year
Thanks Bryce, I've been watching your show for a few years or so mate and I want you to know it makes me feel good every time! Its amazing for you to have such a big effect on some of your viewers lives. Watching a presenter like yourself for so long kinda makes you feel like a friend, if you know what I mean. You have really nailed what you are doing, slick production terrific format, and well presented. Much respect for all the hard work bro. Love the videos from NZ.
your video makes me mad and adventure ...now full fill my life ..thanks a lot
SuperTime2Change Vor year
I did not subscribe to this channel, yet strangely DEwomen subscribed me to this channel. Not cool.
racoonsister Vor year
Are you still making videos?
Dawn Wokson
Dawn Wokson Vor year
Hi from Minnesota USA,I've been following your channel for a couple of years now,finally subscribed to this,your newsletter, and FB.Thanks for sharing so many wonderful videos
JF Vargas
JF Vargas Vor year
This is the comfiest channel on DEwomen
Himanshu Anand
Himanshu Anand Vor year
Just saw this video of yours: xiaominglu88.com/id/video-TYVJbupG3Xg.html. You should visit Delft, or any other Dutch city with an international university and see some of the student housing there, 8m2 is among the smallest sizes on the market, but by no means rare.
Ing Girl
Ing Girl Vor year
this channel makes me feel so inspired like on drugs. but I dont need those, I need hammer and wood. thanks for sharing!
Jayasree Sreenivasan
Jayasree Sreenivasan Vor year
Truly a remarkable series. I started considering how much I use and how many things I require after watching this channel. I don't have a tiny house (I'm a student in another country), but definitely would want to build one of my own in my hometown. What I like about your videos is that each one of your tiny houses has a personality, resembling the personality of the people living in that space. It's not about cramming everything into a tiny space, but giving yourself the opportunity to really think and create. I can't wait for more videos from you, or to click the like button ;). Great job guys!!
Living Big In A Tiny House
Living Big In A Tiny House Vor year
Thank-you so much! There is so much love and creativity that goes into these spaces, and we do our best to bring out both the homes as well as the stories of the people who live in them. Thank-you for watching and supporting the channel! :)
Felipe Pl
Felipe Pl Vor year
Por que alguns títulos são em português?
Barn Star
Barn Star Vor year
I'm so glad I found this channel! I dream of a small home lifestyle, but I am a coward!
Guritno Djanubudiman
Guritno Djanubudiman Vor year
Hello guys, I wonder if there is someone using airplane toilet system unit or sort of toilet compact cabin design installed on their tiny house. If so, I would be more than happy to watch your video covering it. Thank you.
katherine ruiz
katherine ruiz Vor year
Hi Bryce, I was wondering if you can put me in contact with a tiny house owner in Chch or Blenheim? or anywhere close to Kaikoura. After the earthquake the house prices are over the roof (rent or buy) and my husband and I are seriously considering to build a tiny house but need some idas on where to start! Thanks!
kenza el alaoui
kenza el alaoui Vor year
hi i watched several videos that you created and i think there amazing cuz you made want to try living in tiny house one day so thank you, wish to see more of them and please keep showing us more great houses. No pressure !
Dane Abomasum
Dane Abomasum Vor year
Can't believe I only just discovered this channel. Very well made, presented and good host.
Oumaumau Vor year
This Channel is so absorbing and inspiring!
Papa Bugg
Papa Bugg Vor year
If you are ever in Athens GA, I have a place you might want to check out
Zee MR JPG Vor year
Did the older videos get removed. There was a tiny house with a bed on a garage door motor to lift it up and down and i cant find it anymore.Did it get removed or am i missing it??
mysteryese012 Vor year
Hey dude love the videos, and these are great for designs and finding builder! Could you do a video that talks and covers people go about zoning laws or finding a place where they are of the grid? I live in Maryland and I'm in planning to build my own tiny home.
Tiny Budget Builder
Tiny Budget Builder Vor year
Hi Bryce, just wanted to say I am a huge fan of your channel! In fact it was one of your early videos with Brett Sutherland (I believe was his name), the bone carver from New Zealand, that inspired me to build my own tiny house on wheels. And now it is finally complete. I did a little walk through which is posted on my channel if you would like to check it out. I see that you are in the States for a while. I hope you are enjoying yourself. If you make your way to Richland, WA please let me know. I would LOVE to have a tour of my house on your channel. And my tiny house has a couple unique features that I think your viewership would really appreciate. Thanks again for all you do, and safe travels! Please keep the great videos coming!
Sisco Coon
Sisco Coon Vor year
First off, I VERY rarely comment or add my 2 cents in on things (I'm a very private individual). However I just found your channel by chance actually. I for the most part live "off the grid" because I like keeping my life simple. I never knew tiny/simple homes was a thing until not long ago. I've been living simple for some time now, and I would invite you to my tiny home but it's not actually unique. It just an only 17.5 foot (from the bumper to the ball hitch) 1978 trailer, and it's about 80% original. I wanted to say that I love your channel, it shows that people DON'T need much to live a happy life. I've always felt since I was young that working less and spending time with family was far more important. Thanks so much for showing visually that we as humans don't need a large home to be happy. Cheer's from one Brit to a half Brit :)
Semaphor Games
Semaphor Games Vor year
TY Bryce for your cool videos, I hope to one day do something like this. Good to see a fellow New Zealander making good content :^)
allen metcalf
allen metcalf Vor year
are there any apps or programs you can down load to help figure out a materials list
Blessed Be Lord of Majesty
Blessed Be Lord of Majesty Vor year
Blessed Be Name of God forever and ever
Cameron Alexander
Cameron Alexander Vor year
Wonderful channel! Really enjoyed all of your videos :)
Rj Riggs
Rj Riggs Vor year
Bryce you have it man!! Great channel with wonder fulled stories...Thx.
Beorn Vor year
I wish they'd talk about prefab/off grid solutions. Water and sewage being the only "on site" resources. Is it possible to pay say $50K and live off grid with some creature comforts (e.g. showers, Internet, etc.) surrounded by an orchard and gardens? And maybe some beautiful locations and landscaping???
Nikenik2001 Vor year
How do you finance your videos? Do you have a day job and make the videos on the weekends or..?
Dante Macatantan
Dante Macatantan Vor year
Rarely post comments, but been watching for awhile and LOVE your channel! You are one of the best series hosts I've seen in awhile, on TV or on DEwomen. Hope to be a tiny house owner here in the US sometime in the near future :)
Nebel Horst
Nebel Horst Vor year
I wanna see what you filmed while sailing la vaga! <3
Chantal Bossaer
Chantal Bossaer Vor year
I would love to see some tours of Canadian tiny houses!
Taryn White
Taryn White Vor year
Hi!I got a question about small homes: So when it comes to bad weather (more specifically high winds), how durable are homes like these? I just watched the tour of the Japanese small home and it only weighed about 600kg, so how well does that weight stand against say 70mph winds? I really enjoy this channel btw!!
Errolea brown
Errolea brown Vor year
how are you , Im hoping you can help me , lm coming over to New Zealand very soon and as your in the tiny house movment l thought you might know of a tiny place to rent or a cheap one to buy .
Eric Garnier
Eric Garnier Vor year
Hi Bryce. I'm currently planning to set up a glamping style accommodation in France using lotus bell tents and I was curious to know what model of gas boiler you used in yours that would allow you to have hot water in your shower and sink. Cheers
G Karthick
G Karthick Vor 2 years
I love the way you speak to each and everyone and appreciate the effort they put to build those tiny house and making a beautiful home out of it. Wish to see and hear more updates about your tiny house and a lot more tiny houses. Love your channel and wish you happiness.
Georgie Pie
Georgie Pie Vor 2 years
This is my favourite youtube channel.
57Strudel Vor 2 years
I just saw the news of the huge earthquake. Please let us know you're ok.
AjBro Vor year
yeah it was h** in blenheim where i live.
Living Big In A Tiny House
Living Big In A Tiny House Vor 2 years
Hey there! Thanks so much for your concern. I'm absolutely fine. I'm in Auckland at the moment, which is unaffected by all the earthquakes. It's certainly a shock to see such big ones hitting both islands today though!
myastroflight Vor 2 years
Hi Bryce. I wonder if you know about this family, and if so will you try an interview with them once they are on the road? xiaominglu88.com/women/UCn1UMQOumHKy2WIZKgYQK9g
HG NK Vor 2 years
Good to see you are back on your feet again! I kinda missed your regular posts. You have a nose for what is new and interesting in the Tiny House world.
LethiaPage Vor 2 years
LOVE your channel Brice! I have been watching for about a year. I may never get one of my own but tiny houses are quite inspiring to me...the creativity and simplicity translates to all walks of life.
Servizzi Simulators
Servizzi Simulators Vor 2 years
Awesome channel. Check me out here. Www.mindbehindthemoney.webs.comI would like to chat more
Marcia M
Marcia M Vor 2 years
Is there a video of the completed home?